Judith layed down some TRUTH this week!    Here's the thing. I'm ALWAYS afraid. Always. Shouldn't I be? I'm starting a business. I don't have anyone e...View Details

It literally is a dirty thirty!!! I got called the N word and I was not too pleased. Tune in now to get the juicy details and how I'm managing the pro...View Details

Let's just get this out of the way - I ate a large Pizza...no shame. You're welcome. #AKSABOUTME (I know what I said) I've been working on GRATITUDE. ...View Details

What a week! Tune in now to hear me talk about how I FINALLY decluttered my mind, what I'm doing to find my worth (and myself really)...AND...got me s...View Details

So much has happened since I saw you guys last! - I moved into my house (EEEEE!) - I cried - I launched some things. I lost somet hings - I cried and ...View Details

Ya. I've cried at work. MULTIPLE times. I hate that women are being told that to display emotions is to be weak. It isn't the actual tears that define...View Details

BRKR 25: Distractions!

aaaaargh! you try and you try, but eventually, as Paula Abdul says, the rhythm IS going to get you. I got side tracked this week. Tune in to see what ...View Details

BRKR 24: Who, Cares!

I'm past my hump and I'm back to lay it down today.  feed·back


noun information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a ...View Details

Episode 23: I’m Scared

This was bound to happen... Tune in to hear about a down week of one girl who set out to break boundaries but hit a major roadblock. Yikes! Tips, ques...View Details

Aaaah relationships. We do a lot to make them work. (Ladies, if you want a ring on it you know what I'm talking about!). And even when we do get there...View Details

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